Lety – Life behind Fence

We would like to offer you our future itinerant exhibition Lety – Life behind Fence. This exhibition consists of ten easily installed scroll panels with stands with dimensions 80 x 200cm. The first two panels of the exhibition are dedicated to the history of Romany people and their move from India to Europe. Another four panels are focused on development of Lety camp since its beginning when it was used as Home of working units until its final stage when it became a prison for Romany families. The last two panels describe deportation of Bohemian and Moravian Romany people to the camp in Auschwitz.

The exhibition also contains two panels with English and German text translations.

Amount of panels: 8+ 2 Dims: 80cm x 200cm

Language versions: Czech, English, German

Further on there is a brochure with the same name as exhibition itself available for consignment sale. Its cost is CZK 50.