Lidice Memorial

Lidice Memorial, an organization of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, keeps lasting memory of the annihilation of Lidice, which was razed to the ground by the German Nazi, June 10, 1942.

Lidice Memorial also administers the National Heritage Site Ležáky.

Lidice, a small village in the Central Bohemia, was destroyed  June 10, 1942. After the assassination on Reinhard Heydrich, May 27, 1942, the village was razed to the ground on the command of Karl Hermann Frank. 173 men were shot dead, women and most of the children were transported to concentration camps.

Nevertheless, the intention of the Nazis to erase the village from the map of the world was never successful. Lidice was restored and many communities around the world bear the name in honor of Lidice.

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