Visitor Rules of Lidice Memorial

I. The area of the Lidice Memorial

National cultural heritage site Lidice Memorial is an organization with its own legal subjectivity and belongs to subsidized organizations of the Ministry of Culture, its founder. The owner of Lidice Memorial is the state. Lidice Memorial manages following objects and areas: Museum, Exhibition Hall Underneath the Tribune, Exhibition Hall In Memoriam, Reverent area, Rose Garden, Lidice Gallery and adjacent garden.

II. Opening hours

From April to October                 daily    from 9 a. m.    to 6 p. m. 
From November to March           daily     from 9 a. m.    to 4 p. m. 
Lidice gallery
From April to October                 daily     from 9 a. m.    to 5 p. m. 
From November to February       daily     from 10 a. m.   to 4 p. m. 

One-family house nr. 116
From April to October                 daily     from 9 a. m.    to 5 p. m. 
From November to February       daily     from 10 a. m.   to 4 p. m. 
Closing days:     24. 12., 25. 12., 26. 12., 31. 12., 1. 1.

Reverent area and Rose Garden: open all year round

III. Admission

Payment of the admission fee is required in the Museum and the Gallery. Admission to the exhibition halls Underneath the Tribune and In Memoriam, the Reverent area and Rose Garden is free. Admission fee is charged before starting the tour and is valid both for the Museum and Gallery. The sum to be paid is disclosed by the cash desks in both buildings.
Payment is also possible by an invoice; in this case the prior written order containing all necessary details (address of the customer, tax ID etc.) is required. Cashless payment may be approved by an employee of the Lidice Memorial, but cannot be enforced. In case of unsatisfactory payment morale, already approved payment of an invoice can be changed to the cash payment.
Credit cards are accepted in the Museum. After paying the entrance fee, visitor will receive a ticket which has to be kept during the whole tour and can be controlled by the employee of the Lidice Memorial. The ticket is valid only on the day when it was purchased, and only for one tour. Discount is provided for following individuals or groups:
- Young people up to 15 years
- Students after the presentation of student ID
- A family with max. 2 adults and 3 children = so called Family ticket,
- Disabled people
- Cardholders: IYTC, ITIC, ISIC, SCHOLAR (50 % discount)
- People 65 years and above
- Cardholders Sphere card (20 % discount)
- Organized groups over 20 persons  (10 % discount)

Free entry is provided for:
- Lidice Survivors
- Teachers accompanying a group of students or pupils,
- Members of ICOM, AMG upon submission of proper authorization.

IV. Visiting the premises

The tours take place either individually or with a guide of the Lidice Memorial. In the Museum and the Gallery, only guides authorized by the Lidice Memorial can provide a tour. It is recommended to order a guided tour prior to your visit by a booking form. It is forbidden to smoke and consume alcoholic beverages in all objects of the Lidice Memorial.

V. Other use of the premises of the Lidice Memorial

Music, singing, theater and other performances in the buildings and premises of the Lidice Memorial are made solely on the basis of an authorization by the Lidice Memorial management and under the terms stated in the permit. In the buildings of the Lidice Memorial, it is prohibited:
a. photographing and filming in all exhibitions as well as making other documentation; exceptions can be granted by the Lidice Memorial management based on a written request,
b. the use of all IT and other technologies to gather information about the village of Lidice and the Lidice Memorial through applications that are not approved by the Lidice Memorial,
c. any form of street or stalls sale,
d. harassing visitors with requests for financial or other support,
e. any form of political agitation,
f. any inappropriate behavior that does not correspond with the reverent and historical character of the place.

VI. Protection of cultural monuments and collections safety

Throughout the stay in the premises of the Lidice Memorial, visitors are required to behave according to the rules of civil coexistence with the respect appropriate to the historical, social and cultural importance of the Lidice Memorial and with the respect to other visitors. Visitors are required to follow the instructions of the employees of the Lidice Memorial, security services, Municipal Police Kladno and the State Police. When disobeying instructions or orders issued in the interest of visitor safety, protection of objects and collections, the visitor will be banished from the premises without a ticket refund or referred to appropriate law and order authorities. It is forbidden to damage objects, collections, green areas and any other property in the buildings and premises of the Lidice Memorial and disturb other visitors, in particular:
a. to touch the objects on display,
b. to leave the tour route
c. disturb the guided tour by noise (music, unauthorized singing, recorded music or voice, loud noises and similar activities) d. write or draw on the walls, or otherwise damage them
e. eat and drink inside the objects, enter them with ice cream, beverages, etc.,
f. camping and making picnics and a fire on reverent area
g. interfere with the protection zone around the Lidice Children Memorial
h. to pick the flowers, break off branches of trees, walk off the marked path, throw anything into the fountains, etc.,
i. to pass through the reverent area in cars, quads, motorcycles, horses, etc.; wheelchairs are permitted,
j. to enter the premises with dogs and other animals - at the reverent area, the entrance with a dog on a leash is permited, with the exception of the area common grave of the Lidice men,
k. to throw trash out of garbage bins,
l. otherwise disturb the peace and order.

VII. Fire protection and visitors safety

Inside the objects it is strictly prohibited to smoke and manipulate with fire. In the event of a fire, visitors
are to obey the instructions of the Lidice Memorial staff. Each visitor is insured against injury during visiting the buildings of the Lidice Memorial. In case of injury during the tour, the injured party may contact the Lidice Memorial staff. Lidice Memorial is not liable for injuries and damages resulting from a breach of the Visitor Rules.

VIII. Final Provisions

Visitors can contact the management of the Lidice Memorial with their complaints and observations. The Visitor Rules shall enter into force on the date of posting under Ref. No.: S_2021_31

In Lidice, May 1th, 2021

PhDr. Eduard Stehlík, Ph.D., MBA