The day, when my life changed

The fates of children during the War World II

Acquaint with the concrete destinies of children, whose lives were significantly influenced by WWII and holocaust.

Target of the program 
Students will gain a wider knowledge of history as well as the historical topic through the project. Through the dramatic education and to be deep-seated into the role, the students will learn e.g. the destiny of a Lidice girl and a Jewish boy. They will better understand the reasons and consequences of WWII, which affected lives of diverse nationalities and social positions.

Further information  
This Program can be attended by a group of max. 35 pupils. It´s necessary that the group will be mixed and will include both boys and girls.
This Program takes 120 minutes and is designed for pupils of secondary and high schools. 

A visit of the multimedia-exhibition of museum and a tour through the reverent area with an expert interpretation are the additional parts of the program.

The price of the program is 70 CZK per student. The price includes the entry to all other exhibition´s spaces of the Lidice Memorial, which are not parts of the program. A group over 20 persons has a 10% of discount. 
The Program is experiential, using methods and techniques of dramatic education. The students learn to express their opinions and attitudes and cooperate on an assigned task.  

The author of the educational program is Mrs. MgA. Kateřina Ondráčková.

The Program must be ordered at least 14 days in advance. Opens external link in new windowobjednat  
The ordered program can be cancelled by phone no later than one day before.
For more information contact the educational department of the Lidice Memorial via email:  

We politely ask the pedagogical guidance not to intervene into the process of the program without being asked by the trainer.