We offer worksheets to enrich and extend the teaching of history, the citizenship education and other humanities areas of the education in primary and secondary schools. 

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The worksheet is divided into three parts. The first part includes more general questions and we recommend it for a work before visiting the Memorial of Lidice. The second applies to the history of Lidice and is identified mostly for pupils, who have already visited the Lidice Memorial. The third part consisting of supplemental questions related to the multimedia exhibition and program of the educational centre. You can find the information in the recommended literature too.

Initiates file downloadWorksheet II.

The worksheet is also divided into three parts. The first relates to the assassination of Heydrich, the second is focused on the literature and the third part dedicates to the response of the tragedy of Lidice in the world. The tasks for testing here are closed or with a short reply only, nevertheless they offer an impulse for broader thinking of the topic. The teacher can thus decide for himself whether to work with a worksheet in its basic form or to use the individual parts independently. 

Initiates file downloadWorksheet III.

The worksheet is thematically focused on the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. It consists of parts A and B. The part A is identified for primary schools, the part B with its complexity is rather identified for students of secondary schools. The part A consists of 6 tasks in total, thematically focused on the resistance activity.

Initiates file downloadWorksheet IV.

The worksheet is focused on the fates of the village of Lidice until its extermination in 1942. The most information can be obtained through the attendance of relevant educational programs for pupils of primary and secondary schools, organised by the Memorial of Lidice or through the studying of recommended literature.

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The worksheet thematically reffers to the previous worksheet and deals with the Lidice tragedy again in the mentioned historical context. It´s mainly drawn on the educational programs of the Lidice Memorial for students of primary and secondary schools.

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The worksheet thematically focuses on the assassination of Heydrich and is rather interconnected with the multimedia exposition of the Lidice Memorial.

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The worksheet is thematically focused on the paratroops action Silver A, Ležáky and the local resistance movement and be connected with the exposition of the Memorial of Ležáky. The information can be found also on the web-side of NKP Ležáky.

Methodical instructions

You can find 7 worksheets with a various degree of difficulty in total in our offer. There are used various methodological procedures in above mentioned worksheets, from searching for a single correct answer (or several correct answers) from the listed amount up to the resolution between correct or incorrect predication. Pay attention to the instructions in case of single tasks – more than one answer can be correct, eventually a pupil decides about the correctness by marking the true or falsity of the statement. The assignments and instructions for each numbered task on each worksheet should be read carefully. In case of missing further notice there is only one correct answer from all mentioned possibilities. Some worksheets or their parts can be also given to pupils as homework with a reference to the recommended literature.

Recommended literature

Stehlík, Eduard: Lidice – The story of a Czech village; Publisher: V ráji, Praha, 2004/2012; ISBN 80-86758-13-3
Stehlík, Eduard: Lidice memories; Publisher: V ráji, Praha, 2007; ISBN 978-80-86758-45-9
Burian, Michal; Knížek, Aleš; Rajlich, Jiří; Stehlík, Eduard: Assassination  – Operation Anthropoid 1941-1942; Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic, Praha, 2007; ISBN 978-80-7278-411-0