We are building a new Lidice

The Program is located into the period spaces of a Lidice house No. 116.  

Students will learn about the fate of Lidice in a cognitive and playful way. During building of prototypes of the new Lidice houses the pupils will get closer the life stories of four inhabitants of Lidice. The authentic environment of the house stimulates to looking for the period´s subjects.   

The target of the program
The program develops creativity and teamwork of the pupils. It supports working with a text and introduces the historical facts of the Lidice tragedy.  

Further information

The program takes 120 minutes. 
This Program can be attended by a group of max. 30 persons. A part of the program, which takes place in the authentic spaces of the family house, is always specified for maximal 15 persons. A part of the program is also a visit of Lidice village. 

The price of the program is 70 CZK per student. The price includes the entry to all other exhibition´s spaces of the Lidice Memorial, which are not parts of the program. A group over 20 persons has a 10% of discount. 

The program must be ordered in advance Opens external link in new windowobjednat through the educational centre. 
The ordered program you can cancel by phone no later than one day before.

For more information contact the educational department of the Lidice Memorial via email: edu@lidice-memorial.cz.  

We politely ask the pedagogical guidance not to intervene into the process of the program without being called by the trainer.