From the life of an artist

Come visiting the Gallery for the first time! You will find out that a gallery can be an interesting place – full of games, entertainment and knowledge. Become sculptors, painters and experienced visitors. 

Program´s target

The interactive program introduces the exhibited works, space of the Gallery and its rules to the children. It allows the children to look at the backstage of the artistic professions and experience how it is, like to be a painter or sculptor. Children receive a hand-made reminder of the educational program and of a visit of the gallery.

The program develops the child´s imagination, phantasy and creativity. It introduces the children the world of artistic professions and supports the teamwork.

Further information 

The program lasts 90 minutes and takes place in the Lidice Gallery. 


The program must be ordered ( objednat ) at least a week in advance.

The ordered program you can cancel by phone no later than one day before.

The price of the program is 70 CZK per student. The price includes material for the creative activities and entry to all other exhibition´s spaces of the Lidice Memorial, which are not parts of the program. A group over 20 persons has a 10% discount.

For more information contact the educational department of the Lidice Memorial via email: