Webinars and online courses

Although it isn't possible to visit the interior of the Lidice Memorial in person, it doesn't matter.

We offer the possibility of webinars and online courses with accompanying activities. You can attend webinars and online courses based on the educational programs of the Lidice Memorial and focusing on a wider context of the Lidice tragedy. Webinars are identified for pupils of primary and high schools, online courses also for general public.


We offer a combination of thematically focused online courses and webinars for pupils of primary schools and students of high schools at a discounted price of 120 CZK.

The educational block for the mentioned price is possible to arrange as follows:

1 webinar + 2 online courses

2 webinars + 1 online course

3 online courses

For more information or to order the webinar or the online course, contact the educational department of the Lidice Memorial via email: edulidice-memorial.cz.