44th International Children’s Exhibition of Fine Arts Lidice 2016

Exhibition period: 01 June 2016, Venue: Lidice Gallery

This is an exhibition of the winning entries (over 1,300 entries from 68 countries) of the 44th competition, that had the theme SCHOOL? EDUCATION!.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of UNESCO and because their priority is the education for all people, the theme of this year’s ICEFA was "SCHOOL? EDUCATION!". 18074 Children from 77 countries participated.
The international jury awarded 1390 of the best works of children, which are exhibited until 30/11/2016 in the 1st floor of the Lidice Gallery.

The opening will be held on Tuesday, the 31/05/2016 in the garden of the Lidice Gallery. The winners will receive their awards from representatives of ministries who have the patronage of the competition.

There are educational programs for schools and even an interactive children's play area for this exhibition. You should not miss the opportunity to visit.

For more information about the competition, the exhibition and the award-winning works, please visit: www.mdvv-lidice.cz