Creations for Lidice

May 28th to 31st 2016, Exhibition Hall In Memoriam

Exhibition period: May 28th to 31st 2016
Venue: Exhibition Hall In Memoriam

In the exhibition, works of art are shown that were created by students, for the 73rd anniversary of the destruction of Lidice.

The works are made by students of secondary schools in Hradec Králové and Jihlava and trainees of the German company Grammer AG in Kümmersbruck, as a part of a project of the union KOVO, for the design of Lidice.

We see that we cannot ignore the history. It is important that especially young people  have an awareness of the history and the events of the world wars, because these are still reflected not only in the life of the Czech nation. It is also important to be able to compare todays events such as the events in the eastern Ukraine, the terror of organizations like the IS or Boko Haram or other events and conflicts all over the world with the historical events.
The aim of this project was to give the participants the opportunity to show their remembrance of Lidice with a practical activity and at the same time to deal with this tragic chapter of German-Czech history more intensively.
The results of this work can be seen in the exhibition.

The exhibition includes the following works:

"Rebirth - A new way"
Metal, made by students of the third year of the Art and Ironwork department of the schools SPS, SOS and SOU in Hradec Králové

"Chronicle of the suffering of Lidice"
Metal, made by students of the first year in the field of Mechanics and Locksmiths of the school for Industry, Technic and Automotive in Jihlava

Metal, the authors are trainees in the third year in the field of mechanics and toolmakers and in the field of machine and equipment mechanics at the company Grammer AG (Haselmühl) in Kümmersbruck, Germany

The exhibition is free. We are looking forward to your visit!