Jiří Žalman, Lukaš Legát: In Alaska we were not

February 22nd until May 1st, 2016, Lidice Gallery

Exhibition period: February 22nd until May 1st, 2016
Venue: Lidice Gallery

The exhibition consists of color photographs of landscapes and nature and of macro-photographs taken in the years 2006 to 2015, especially in the lowlands of the Jizera Mountains and in the Bohemian Forest.

The authors Jiří Žalman and Lukaš Legát - advanced amateur photographers – try to show their interest in photographs of the Czech nature and landscape with the name they have chosen for their exhibition.
For many years, they show their photographs at different locations. They want to show the audience what they can all see around them when they go through their live with open eyes. The authors remind us how beautiful and diverse the Czech nature is.
The authors belong to different generations of photographers. One started with analog cameras and black and white photographs, while the other had from the beginning the opportunity to use digital cameras and the possibility of color photographs. These two generations they have finally brought together.
Both authors try to show that it is possible to take photographs of exotic landscapes in this country in the heart of Europe without having to travel to distant lands. Therefore, the photos are mainly from the Bohemian Forest or from the "wild gorges" of the rivers in Jizera, but also from the northern tundra.
But above all, they try to share their personal experiences, for example, from sunrise on a river in the Bohemian Forest or of "hunting insects" with visitors of the exhibition, by their photographs. They want to show that the amateur photography is a way to get more aware of the world and to learn about it. (Jiří Žalman)

For more information about the images in the exhibition you can contact the staff of the reception of the Lidice Gallery. (E-mail: galerie@lidice-memorial.cz or Tel.:312253063)

There are accompanying programs for schools for this exhibition.

This article also appeared in the Kaldno newspaper