Lidice in the past

Exhibition period: May 5th until June 26th 2016, Exhibition Hall of the Senate

Exhibition period: May 5th until June 26th 2016

Venue: Exhibition Hall of the Senate of the Czech Republic, Valdštenské nam. 17/4, Prague

The exhibition, which was designed based on the historical collection of the Lidice Memorial, presents the history of "old" Lidice.The exhibition shows the history of the village before it was destroyed in June 1942. For this presentation the authors used objects and documents from the historical collection of the Lidice Memorial. This allows a unique view into the life of the village, which has become a symbol of the struggle against Nazism and a symbol of hope and reconstruction.

The exhibition also shows the original look of the village and the life and work in the village and connects the general history of the village with certain faces and personal stories.

The exhibition is divided into five sections and is connected to individuals - citizens of Lidice, who represent certain groups of society in their daily lives.Some of the exhibits can be connected to specific individuals or families and show their life and social status in the village. These exhibits show individual lifes but at the same time the life in the region. They show things like the village life, the work, which is closely linked to the mining and metals industry in the region Kladno, or the local government, in terms of municipal and religious authorities or institutions and their leaders (community, school, church).

Most of the exhibits are shown as originals. Some, where this was not possible (for example photographs and documents) copies were made.The exhibition is under the patronage of Senator Jiří Dienstbier and takes place in cooperation with the Office of the Senate.