From 2 Oct to 30 Dec 2017, the exhibition hall Pod Tribunou

A documentary exhibition containing works of art by the Israeli painter Chava Pressburger, the sister of Petr Ginz, the founder and editor of VEDEM – an illegal magazine of Terezín boys. The fragments of originals come from the collections of the Terezín Memorial.

In the time of the Terezín ghetto, Creative work was surviving in dusty lofts, cellars, youth dormitories and even in the cramped space of plank beds. It was not only attempts, but also demanding work in the fields of literature, musical composition, theatre, cabaret and visual art. Hundreds of lectures took place, even for old people who had no chance of survival. Poetry readings, choirs and opera performances were rehearsed. It was a spiritual sanctuary, the only stage where rehearsals were equally important as “first nights”.

Admission free within the opening hours of the museum of the Lidice Memorial.