The jury session of ICEFA Lidice took place at the Lidice Gallery from May 6 to May 8, 2021. In two rounds, the jury carefully chose artworks to be awarded from over 11,200 works of art by children from 72 countries on the theme of "Robot and artificial intelligence".

Due to the ongoing pandemic, only members of the jury from the Czech Republic took part in the meeting, similarly to the last year. We sincerely hope that next year it will be possible to invite colleagues from abroad to Lidice again.

With the necessary postponement of the jury from the original date in March, the schedule of the exhibition has changed.

The results of the competition will be published on the exhibition website on June 21. You can visit the exhibition of almost a thousand awarded works at the Lidice Gallery from the beginning of July. The traditional award ceremony for medallists from the Czech Republic and the two schools awarded with the Jury Prize will take place on September 9 in the garden of the Lidice Gallery.

We will inform you in case of any further changes due to the current epidemic situation.

Once more, we would like to thank all the children who took part in the competition this year, as well as their teachers and relatives who support them in creative efforts!

Author: Tamara Hegerová