Memorial commemorating the 76th anniversary of the annihilation of Lidice

10th June 2018

This year, we recall the 76th anniversary of the annihilation of Lidice by the Nazis.

On June 10, 1942, 173 men were shot. The women and children were dragged to gymnasium of Kladno grammar school. The children were separated from their mothers. The women were taken to the Ravensbrück concentration camp, a few children were selected for re-education in German families, children under one year of age were taken to a hospital in Karlova Street in Prague and 82 children were murdered in the extermination camp in Chelmno.

The whole village has been systematically razed to the ground so that no sights remain.

In 1945 out of 503 people only 143 women, 17 children and 3 men had no place to return.

We will commemorate this act on the 10th June, on the day of 76th anniversary.

The main speech will be given by the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Mr. Andrej Babiš.


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