The Lidice Memorial in 2019 submitted an application under the grant program of the Ministry of Culture entitled Protection of Soft Targets, which was approved.

The Lidice Memorial is thus involved in the program to increase the protection of the so-called soft targets, which is the term under which all persons are hidden. The aim of the project is to increase the safety of people, visitors of cultural facilities and cultural events and to increase safety in places where a larger number of people meet.

As part of the implementation of the program, a comprehensive analysis of potential threats is carried out in the first phase. Based on this in-depth analysis, a security plan will be developed in the next phase, which will take into account both the normal functioning of the Lidice Memorial and crisis situations. According to the submitted analysis and security plan, the internal guidelines of the Lidice Memorial will be modified and measures will be implemented to increase the security of visitors to the Lidice Memorial and all its cultural and accompanying events.

TERMOCAMS s.r.o. was competed to carry out the project.