• Author: Barbora Brůnová, Kristina Tělupilová
  • Language: CZ
  • Price: 20,00 Kč

  • Author: Kristina Tělupilová, Barbora Brůnová
  • Language: CZ
  • Price: 20,00 Kč

  • Author: Eduard Stehlík, Martin Brabec
  • Language: CZ
  • Price: 299,00 Kč

Brochure Lidice before and today

  • Author: Renata Hanzlíková
  • Language: EN
  • Price: 60,00 Kč

This brochure describes the fate of the village Lidice during WWII.

Memories of Lidice

  • Author: Eduard Stehlík
  • Language: EN
  • Price: 200,00 Kč

The author of the book called Memories of Lidice is a historian dr. Eduard Stehlík from The Department of Defense. In 2004 he already produced a book for The Lidice Memorial, called Lidice: The Story of a Czech Village.

Fates of the Children from Lidice and Ležáky

  • Author: Team of Authors
  • Language: EN
  • Price: 199,00 Kč

Reedition of the book Fates of Children from Lidice complemented by destinies of children from Ležáky.

Building the New Lidice

  • Author: Luba Hédlová (ed.), Pavla Bechnerová, Martina Lehmannová
  • Language: EN/CZ
  • Price: 250,00 Kč

The book about a building of the New Lidice after WWII. It opens a new chapter of Lidice understanding. Lidice is the symbol of the tragedy and also of the hope for a new live.

Bridge of Hope and Life. Rose Garden of Peace and Friendship Lidice 1955 - 2015

  • Author: Luba Hédlová, Přemysl Veverka, Jiří Žlebčík
  • Language: EN, CZ
  • Price: 350,00 Kč

Publication about Rosegarden of Peace and Friendship in Lidice. History and today of this famous garden. 145 pages, ISBN 978-80-80072-02-7

Brochure In the Ležák Stream Valley

  • Author: Renata Hanzlíková
  • Language: EN
  • Price: 50,00 Kč

Brochure describes the fate of the village Ležáky during WWII.

Remember Lidice. 50 years of the Lidice Art Collection

  • Author: Lubomíra Hédlová
  • Language: EN, CZ
  • Price: 450,00 Kč

Lidice Art Collection catalogue publicated on occasion of its 50 years anniversary.

Cross-sectional Catalogue - The International Children´s Exhibition of Fine Arts Lidice 1967-2009

  • Author: Lidice Memorial
  • Language: EN, CZ
  • Price: 290,00 Kč

Presenting one of the world’s biggest and oldest international children’s exhibition of fine art, this extraordinary publication pays homage to all organizers and other involved parties which, for all the time, have been taking the exhibition under their wings.