Remember Lidice. 50 years of the Lidice Art Collection

Remember Lidice. 50 years of the Lidice Art Collection

Author: Lubomíra Hédlová
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Lidice Art Collection catalogue publicated on occasion of its 50 years anniversary.

Fifty years on, René Block returns to Lidice to enrich the local art

collection with over 40 works of art after two previous donations – in

the 1960s and 1990s. A simple statement, an important day, a great

gallerist with an amazing sense of the social importance of art... How

did it all start and what is the meaning of it? Even 75 years after its

destruction and subsequent restoration, Lidice is still a phenomenon on

many levels. One of these is most definitely the creativity that the

fate of Lidice has inspired, which is represented by visual art. Thanks

to such art, it is possible to express the unspeakable; art has the

ability to convey more than words and can be used to inspire

self-reflection in society. The works in the Lidice collection certainly

have this aspiration.