• автор: Kristina Tělupilová, Barbora Brůnová
  • язык: CZ
  • цена: 20,00 Kč

  • автор: Eduard Stehlík, Martin Brabec
  • язык: CZ
  • цена: 299,00 Kč

брошюра Лидице прежде и теперь

  • автор: Renata Hanzlíková
  • язык: RU
  • цена: 60,00 Kč

Брошюра отображающая прошлое и настоящее деревни Лидице.

Lidice - The Story of a Czech Village

  • автор: Eduard Stehlík
  • язык: EN
  • цена: 250,00 Kč

The book "Lidice – The Story of a Czech Village" was written by a historian dr. Eduard Stehlík from the Department of Defense of Czech Republic. It is the first time, the village was depicted in pictures and text in such historical detail. All the previously published books about Lidice were concerned just with one historical period – the events of the year 1942.

Memories of Lidice

  • автор: Eduard Stehlík
  • язык: EN
  • цена: 200,00 Kč

The author of the book called Memories of Lidice is a historian dr. Eduard Stehlík from The Department of Defense. In 2004 he already produced a book for The Lidice Memorial, called Lidice: The Story of a Czech Village.

Fates of the Children from Lidice and Ležáky

  • автор: Team of Authors
  • язык: EN
  • цена: 199,00 Kč

Cross-sectional Catalogue - The International Children´s Exhibition of Fine Arts Lidice 1967-2009

  • автор: Lidice Memorial
  • язык: EN, CZ
  • цена: 290,00 Kč

Presenting one of the world’s biggest and oldest international children’s exhibition of fine art, this extraordinary publication pays homage to all organizers and other involved parties which, for all the time, have been taking the exhibition under their wings.