The monument placed by the grave of the men from Lidice was build by colonel Pankov’s Red Army soldiers. It was disclosed on July 10 1945. The first commemoration ceremony to honour the memory of Lidice tragedy victims took place on July 10 1945. During this mourning act the former minister of internal affairs Václav Nosek announced the news about building new Lidice. The foundation stone of the new village was layed down in May 1947.

At the beginning of 1950s the first museum was opened. A documentary film about the Lidice tragedy was shown in Lidice quarters. In 1962 for an occasion of 20 anniversary of Lidice tragedy a new museum that was built according to a plan of an architect František Marek was dedicated.

In June 1955 the Garden of peace and friendship was dedicated. The park originated from an initiative of Barnett Stross an English doctor who was a member of "Lidice shall live!” and who gave 29 thousand of rose plants from 32 countries of the world.

The fate of a small Czech village inspired artists as well.

The fundamental emotive art piece that is placed on pious area is a monument of children from Lidice that died in Polish Chromn. The author of the monument is an academic sculptor Marie Uchytilová. This art piece is without any doubt very unique and impressive. Marie Uchytilová devoted it to all the children victims of World War 2.

First statues of the monument were placed here in 1995 already and the monument was then completed in the year 2000.

The money for casting of the monument was contributed from both people from the homeland as well as from abroad.

On the pious area there is also situated a statue of a mourning woman standing by the grave of Lidice man and a statue of a mother with her child that can be found by the basement of the ancestral school. These statues originate from an academic sculptor Bedřich Stefan. Further on one can find a statue of a woman that is covering her face from the flames of the burning village placed by the basement of the ancestral church, which originate from a sculptor Karel Lidický. In the Rose Garden can be also found a sculpture of a boy and a girl called "Peace” from the author Karel Hladík.

In 1967 - the 25 anniversary of Lidice extermination sir Barnett Stross stood out to invite the artists from the whole world to contribute by their art pieces to form Lidice collection. This collection contains pieces of modern art.

After November 1989 a very uneasy era for Lidice Memorial came on. Lidice began to be forgotten the former state representatives wrongfully connected them with communist era. They did not provide any financial support to the village so that the museum and the Rose Garden could be sustained. They requested for all control over the memorial and the pious area including the Rose Garden to be taken over by the village. Naturally this was not in the possibility of the municipal budged. This difficult situation became acute when the Rose Garden ceased.

The renewal of the memorial begun in 2001 when the Ministry of Culture established a benefit organization Memorial Lidice on the date December 30 2000.

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